Our shipping rates are calculated by postcode.


Local Delivery

2kg minimum

FREE for orders over $300

$25 for orders under $300

2328-3207 3000-3207 4000-4207 4208-4287 4550-4575

Road Freight

2kg minimum

$25 for orders over $300

$50 for orders under $300

About Rodent Farm Shipping

At Rodent Farm, we really value the presentation and quality of our product. We work hard to be able to ship our product nationwide and maintain quality right to your door. Therefore, some areas require order minimums to achieve the thermal mass required for optimum shipping.

We pack our boxes with care and take into account not only the quantity of items, but the size of the items being shipped (for example, pinky rats thaw quicker than jumbo rats). We will also hold off on dispatch if there is a heat wave on its way. Our shipping rates include admin, packaging and freight.

We are really proud of our distribution system, however are always looking for feedback of how we can improve further. Let us know how your Rodent Farm order arrived here at our Customer Feedback Form.

Air Freight

We have sourced special thick-walled, medical-grade polystyrene boxes to enable long distance shipping. These boxes hold 6kg or 14kg or product. We require a 6kg order minimum to achieve the thermal mass required to maintain our quality of product throughout shipping. Our shipping charge is per order so it’s the same if the box contains 1 rat as 100 rats so it’s in the purchasers’ interest to fill the box where possible.

We deliver to your nearest airport wherever possible. You are required to pick your airfreight order up from the airport. If you are unsure if we can ship to you, simply place your order and we will investigate the options. If we cannot ship to your nearest airport, we will refund your order in full.

Local Delivery & Road Freight

We offer door-to-door delivery to the majority of east coast destination, provided suitable road freight couriers are available. If we cannot find suitable road transport to your location, a member of our team will contact you to discuss alternative shipping methods or cancel the order and refund your payment.

There is a 2kg order minimum for local delivery and road freight orders to achieve the thermal mass required to maintain our quality of product throughout shipping.

Rodent Farm aims to keep your freight costs to a minimum. To assist with this we deliver only once to your street front address. We cannot guarantee that we will deliver to a person as we have no way of identifying the recipient, and so our couriers will leave at the street front if no-one is home. You receive an email from us (and an sms if you opt in for mobile notifications at the checkout too) letting you know that your order has been dispatched and is expected to arrive the following morning. We endeavour for the majority of our deliveries to be dispatched on Tuesday nights for arrival on Wednesday mornings. By ordering it is deemed that you agree to us leaving your order at an unattended address.

How do you take advantage of our ‘Over $300’ Shipping Offers?

To take advantage of our special shipping rates for orders over $300, simply add your items to your cart and once you reach $300 or more, the shipping options will update automatically to include the cheaper/free shipping options.