Our Aim: To provide the best quality, most reliable frozen snakefood on the market.

The basic building block of any animals’ health is their food

Warwick Denshire

Warwick Denshire has been keeping and breeding animals for as long as he can remember. He got into the snake game over ten years ago and is well-renowned for his high quality snakes. Warwick started Rodent Farm through the frustrations of not being able to source good quality, reliable frozen rats to feed his snakes. He saw the need for a reliable, high quality product that people can trust. He was looking for an alternative to the backyard suppliers – where ethics, assured supply and quality can go by the way side.

“The basic building block of any animals’ health is their food”, says Warwick. He understands that hobbyists are looking for the best quality foods for their snake and this is forefront in our breeding techniques. Our animals raised in purpose built facilities and are humanely euthanised. Warwick also understands that a varied diet is important for snake health and therefore, offers a large range of products – frozen rats, frozen mice, frozen quail, frozen rabbits and frozen chickens.

The quality of our products speak for themselves and Rodent Farm has grown to become Australia’s largest online supplier of frozen snake foods, not by a mass advertising campaign – but by positive word of mouth. We now supply thousands of hobbyists Australia-wide, over 60 pet shops and a number of reptile parks and zoos. Check out our customer testimonials below, or online snake forums Australian Reptile Forum and Aussie Pythons & Snakes to see what people are saying about us.